<Post Brexit Seminar 2020> EU司法裁判所判事の語るBrexit「ポスト・ブレグジット・パラダイム」における日欧連携のチャンス(The Post-Brexit Paradigm: Lecture by Ian Forrester, Judge at the General Court of the European Union)

(English follows)
メインスピーカーとして、日本企業の欧州進出にも詳しく多数の来日経験をお持ちのEU司法裁判所Ian Forrester判事をお招きしています。また、セミナーの模様は、ロンドンの会場とテレビ会議システムで同時中継することで、日英各会場からの双方向での議論を期待しています。

In this seminar, we will discuss the future prospects of Brexit with a keynote speech by the main speaker and a detailed analysis of the current situation by high-level experts in a panel discussion.
In addition, we would like to hold an open discussion under the new concept of the "Post-Brexit Paradigm" about how Japan and Europe can cooperate in various fields, starting with the economy, and overcome the difficulties associated with the UK's departure from the EU.
We have invited as the main speaker Ian Forrester, judge at the General Court of the European Union. Judge Ian Forrester has extensive knowledge and experience with Japan and Japanese companies’ expanding into the European market. This seminar will be broadcasted simultaneously at the London venue through the video conference system, offering the chance for a two-way discussion between the UK and Japan.
Please reffer the privacy poliy of this event.

<Agenda >
 (注意;全て英語での開催となります。同時通訳はありませんのでご了承ください。/This seminar is only in English.)
15:30   <開場/Venue Opening>
16:00   <主催者からのご挨拶/Opening Speech>
・立命館大学法学部教授(フライブルク大学法学博士)出口 雅久
(Mr, Masahisa Deguchi, Professor of Ritsumeikan University/Juris Doctor of Albert-Ludwigs-Universität Freiburg. )

16:05-16:45 <第一部 基調講演/ Part 1 Main Speech>
・EU司法裁判所判事 Ian Forresters氏
(Mr,Ian forrester, Judge of EU Court of Justice)

16:45-16:55 <休憩/ Break> 
16:55-17:50 <第二部 パネルディスカッション/ Part 2 Panel Discussion>
 ・財務総合政策研究所 客員研究員/日独産業協会 特別顧問 小林 剛也氏
(Goya Kobayasshi, Visiting Scholar, Policy Research Institute, Ministry of Finance
/Special Advisor, Japanese-German Business Association (DJW))
 ・EU司法裁判所判事 Ian Forrester氏
(Ian forrester, Judge of EU Court of Justice)
 ・黒田法律事務所 弁護士 黒田 健二氏
(Kenji Kuroda, Lawer of Kuroda Law Offices)
 ・経済産業省大臣官房企画官(欧州担当) 松本 泉氏
(Izumi Matsumoto, Director for European Economic Policy, Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry ) 
 ・日立製作所 グローバル渉外統括本部国際政策本部 本部長 山野 陽一氏
(Yoichi Yamano, Hitachi, Global Affairs Headquarters, International Policy Headquarter)
 ・KPMG/あずさ監査法人 専務役員 公認会計士 三浦 洋
(Hiroshi Miura, Certified public accountant of KPMG/Azsa LLC)

17:50-18:25 <第三部 トークセッション/ Part 3 Talk Session>
The "Post Brexit Paradigm": An open discussions about post-Brexit business opportunities and the potential for EU-Japan cooperation. (We have a time slot allocated for questions from the London venue via video conferencing.)

18:25-18:30 <閉会ご挨拶 / Closing>
 ・KPMG/あずさ監査法人 専務役員 三浦 洋
(Hiroshi Miura, Certified public accountant of KPMG/Azsa LLC)

18:30-19:30 <交流会 / Networking>
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Thu Feb 20, 2020
3:30 PM - 7:30 PM JST
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Otemachi Financial City South Tower 20F S1
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